Portable CNC Cutting machine

    This series of plasma and flame cutting machine is a high-precision portable CNC flame / plasma cutting machine, its affordable, easy to use and easy to learn more accurate. Than the original cutting machine processing format larger, thicker cutting thickness. For wider,High strength, durable for a long time Effectively reduce processing costs. Machine covers an area of small, fully effective equipment to play the effectiveness.a high efficiency and high performance equipment.

Gantry CNC cutting machine

    This series of plasma cutting machine is a high efficiency and high performance equipment, which uses gantry type, single drive or double drive. This machine uses advanced CNC system from abroad, such as Spanish FAGOR and American Hypertherm. Its excellent cutting parameters, reliable and stable features ensure the perfect cutting effect. CNC flame/plasma torch has auto height regulator and auto ignition functions, which is convenient for use.

CNC Pipe/tube cutting machine

    The CNC Intersection cutting machine can cut a plurality of cylinder with different direction, different diameter of intersecting line hole, meet the vertical axis and axis condition branch director and no eccentric. The machine can also cut cylinder intersection line at the end of branch pipe, meet the pipe axis and the eccentric and no eccentric director axis intersecting condition.